happy friday…

so i had a few clients cancel this morning due to colds…

so, this will be a happy wellness blog.

if you guys are starting to feel under the weather-go to whole foods or hopefully normal grocery stores are on the all natural homeopathic tip by now and get “OCCICILLIUM”. it will help dramatically, and it’s all natural so you dont have to live in a numbing fog (unless that’s your style)…

also the ushhh, vitamin c, echinacea, golden seal, grapefruit seed extract…blah, blah, blah.

feel better.


on another health related note…i read that men who masterbate a lot in their 20’s and 30’s have a higher risk at developing prostate cancer…so, take that info and do what you will with it i guess…

yah. so it’s actually a blog also on wordpress peep it out. bizarre.

happy weekend-peace


hump day…hmmm…

well, good morning.

i woke completely swollen eyed and water retained. gotta love it. I made the mistake of going to pho (Vietnamese food) last night. It was so good but i woke up a sodium sweat ball. 


it’s wednesday, and i think i’ve got what it takes today to try my first bikram yoga class (the yoga room is scorching hot). i’ll let you know how it goes. if you don’t hear from me again, that means i died.





peace/ namaste



late morning awareness…

so, i was literally looking around my place yesterday to find an “easily fixable” wall. i was plotting which wall would be the best to punch and repair (today i’m actually pretty happy i didnt in fact do just that). but i will be using that hand to google anger management therapists here in the greater los angeles area…


so, literally the last 2 weeks i have accumulated about 7 parking tickets. i NEVER GET PARKING TICKETS. i am partly extremely responsible, and partly the meter gods were looking down upon me in times of luck. so, i’ve been blessed. 


yesterday, i decided to bite the bullet and pay them off. i did so around 11:15 am. i ran around, showered, and around 1:12 stopped at my neighborhood coffee joint to grab the usual (i’m a regular here so everyone who works there sees me walking in and they start making my drink…i get the same thing evvvvvvery day). what im trying to do here is create a picture that this transaction was probably a 45 second ordeal.

i walk outside, and there he is…the jack ass in the shit brown uniform typing away on his little keyboard gadget. i walked up, started laughing, and said, “you’re so awesome, thank you.” he said, “the neighbors complain when people park like this.” (i’m not going to address the quick ,shotty, jacked up parking job on my end-that’s irrelevant).   🙂 i said, “well, i am a neighbor, this is my neighborhood, so there you go.” i took my ticket got in my car. the coffee that initally cost me $2.45 now cost me an additional 53 bux.


my conspiracy theory goes as follows: Arnold has now addressed the crisis of California’s economic health. We’re broke, and have been. So, on the bottom of all parking citations it reads”increased $3 by the state”. my theory is-all the times i got lucky before with my quick, janky parks or letting my meter lapse by a mere 15 minutes can happen no more. They are all over it. They are desperately trying to make some dollars. so, my fellow Californians…stay on top of your parking, meter, front license plate display vehicle integrity. they play games no more. they are here to snipe, hunt and to destroy. 


have a blessed one.

(i’m glad i made the wiser choice…otherwise i wouldnt have been able to type my dramas to you today…)





somebody’s got the case of the mondays…

so, i have found myself in a funky space. i’ve been traveling so much to here and there with no structure to my life, and how i was stressed and complaining about that.

now, i have landed for a space in time where i dont have to travel again just yet, i’m back to my clients that i enjoy so much, and here i seem to be in a funk over my boring life. it’s very bizarre. and i feel like i cant make up my mind what way i like best -or at least either way i’m bent about it.

so now i want to switch up my pattern a bit (i always thought i was good with patterns, but as of late i’m thinking it makes me crazy). the best way to desribe that feeling for me Billy Corgan sung it best, “despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage…” i get froggy the more boxed in i feel. so i need to fix my misery. switch it up. do something spontaneous. get fired up.

i’m reading this book…

it talks about humans being happy/unhappy and the author says this, “we have nothing to lose, but we’re so afraid to lose it.” talking about how we’re so afraid to change aspects of our lives that make us unhappy. damn, that’s so true…we love to hold on to our misery…


well, today, i won’t do so. i’m gonna switch it up…my sanity cant afford not to.


that’s it…





oh thursday..

you gotta love thursdays, because in just one day it will be friday. and today is especially charming because it’s raining in LA (which is a rarity). 

i  have no thoughts today…it’s just quiet and i’m trying to wake up from last nights  3 hour escapade…nope, not that…-seeing “Benjamin Button”. Dang, it’s a long one! and, if i don’t like a movie i fall asleep. i watched the entire thing (which is huge). i can’t say i liked it though…as a matter of fact, i don’t think i liked it, but still confused that i stayed awake…anyway, i’m rambling.

but i have to say i woke up dreaming about the movie…so i laughed and thought, well. at least i’m dreaming. 




gooood morrrrrrrrning…..

so, i completely laid in bed yesterday watching the inauguration. waiting-looking-hoping…it was beautiful.

i am ashamed to say, and proud to say (all at the same time, of course) that this election was the first i voted. i have to admit that i’m not a huge political buff, and you could say i am a little apathetic about it. my apathy comes from a fear of feeling my little voice wouldnt be heard or that i couldnt make any sort of a difference.


but yesterday-i saw the beauty in the country we live in*. the ability to see that anything is possible.

*i want to make note that i am extremely grateful for the troops doing what i couldnt do. (my cousin just got back from fighting so many years God bless him, my grandfathers, and my friends who are still there.-i am grateful!)

i would like to say, that i believe we all get very de-sensitized to our AMERICANISM…at least I’ll just say me. I’ll cop to. I live in my little bubble trying to walk in gratitude and love and truth, but i forget to sit back and revel in my opportunities here.


yesterday was a wake up call for me. i am so thankful that WE were able to do it. WE were able to vote. WE have a voice. it’s actually quite overwhelming to see right before us our abilities as a people to make change.

and i wanna give a shout out to all my fellow GEN-Xr’s…

we weren’t going to amount to shit-we weren’t gonna be shit-we couldn’t do shit…but we get to see in our lifetime global history changed forever…so all my fellow gen-Xr’s who participated in this movement…thank you.

and mad respect to all the people before us who were progressive enough to make this change. and the people to follow…i believe this change will make a better world for you.

and a moment for all the people who fought cried and died who would never see this day…the day has come.