happy friday :)

yah, yah, yah it’s friday the 13th. i’m more into the fact it’s just friday.

this morning i was reading about what brings us closer to bliss. and if where we are right this moment is still bringing us closer to that bliss. if so, we are still on the right path. if not so much, we need to get back on track. i think i am slightly off track.

the only thing i can think that it would be, however, is that i’m just bored. my mom said i got bored very easily as a kid. i would try something, do it, then be done with it. and i’ve carried that on to a degree.

i am truly on my overall path to bliss, i feel like? i have a beautiful life with amazing friends. i love what i do. im a happy person, and i love my family. but i do from time to time go brain dead from boredom. and that’s where i’m at right this moment. brain dead.

so, that’s me right now. thought i would share.

so, where are you right now on your “bliss track”? are you truckin’ right along…or…? if all is good-rad. if not, reassess.

but in the meantime, happy friday (the 13th).




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