i gotta say, i got a thumbs up from the Philippines!

it’s so bizarre and overwhelming when you realize that people all over the world can communicate. its a bit cheezy, but we truly are one world.


we are not separate, divided, or alone.

i think it blows me away as ive taken a break from blogging. ive been in my own bubble, then, “bam!” a comment from someone clear across the ocean can ignite and inspire me again. thanks, mikael for that!

so, when i get caught in the hustle and bustle of my chaotic and frenetic life here in LA, and want to practice my skilled road rage techniques i can reflect to a simple message i received from the Philippines and think…”uh, uh,uh, we are all one….we are all connected”…

so, when i want to flip off the asshole who cuts me off…i’ll think, “nah, go ahead man…”