im devastated.

ive been here now 2 and a half days i guess…and last night after shooting pics all day we go out to a clubs grand opening. we had our own VIP section and our own security, but towards the end of the night people started coming into our space.

if you know me at all, i am compulsively OCD. i dont lose anything. i dont misplace things, and i can tell if someones moved something of mine in the slightest bit (a little ‘sleeping with the enemy’ kinda shit).

with that being said. i had been taking the most amazing fotos with my camera. then random people starting coming through our area (security mustve been over his securing at this point). and as i was getting ready to snap more pics-my camera was gone. 😦 im soooooooo upset. and my camera being stolen has absolutely nothing to do with the tequila i was drinking. ;-/

i have literally been walking around the city of barcelona sitting on random peoples unattended motorcycles and taking pics. i wanted to see how many motorcycles i could sit on before someone caught me or got pissed. so im going to have to re-document that feat, as my proof is now gone (i know, sooo unimportant, but pictures are everything to me). we also went to the beach and saw amazing sand castles which i captured, and museums, and cathedrals…i need to stop now before i have a panic attack…

but its a lesson i need right now, i presume. the lesson in letting go.

i could literally obsess about this if i wanted to, but i have to choose to “let it go”. i feel a lesson in it for some reason…

i guess i cant complain too much, im getting to be an exchange student in my life lessons as i get to “study” abroad…not a bad trade off i guess.

so i will have amazing pics to show you at some point…promise.

mi amor a ti para siempre…



these next few…

are gonna be short n sweet….i have so much to do/see/experience/savor that i gotta take in barcelona like a drug.

fast and deep.

we just arrived last night late from munich. whatever last night was, and whatever today is for that matter….

we went to the W hotel here.

barcelona is stunningly clean. its beautiful.

i had the pleasure of watching vicky/cristina barcelona before i left…im a little vicky, im a little cristina, and a pinch of crazy maria elena (penelope cruz). i dont know just an observation… 😉

watching the movie before i arrived, i got to see and be briefly educated on barcelona and what to do. i definitely want to go to the gaudi cathedral, picasso and dali museums, and i wanna do crazy street shopping…i street shop in every country…i cant not shop.

so now im off…and will report back…

all my love.


im running…

around like a headless chicken….im leaving for LAX in an hour.

not packed.
nowhere near.
i get panicked “committing” to a set wardrobe…..

off off and away…..

“im leaving on a jet plane………….”

ill be sending love and good vibes as i eat the hell out of paella!!!!!

peace, and all my love to you…..



preparing for my long, international flight tomorrow. buuuuut, i am so happy tooling around my house, listening to music, and enjoying my “space”. i feel accomplished today as i got so much shit done, and that always puts me in a stellar mood.

i dont even have anything to say (i think i say that a lot here dont i?) ….crickets…


the night before i flew back to LA i got so so so sick. and a little fun fact about natalie…i have a phobia with vomiting. i think thats why ive never allowed myself to get completely shit faced to the point of sloppy vomiting because if creeps me out. i cant hear it/i cant see it, it literally makes me hyper-ventilate. i would rather die a slow death than to throw up. wow, thats a lot about all that …you get my point.

well, back to the story…i got violently ill to the point of throwing up. we cant decide if it was food poisoning or a virus going around Houston (my dad was told something was going around). well, of course, during “vomit devastation 2010” i was almost crying because im a pussy.

cut to sleeping the whole day before i flew out in the evening. it wore me out. 😦

i return here, and i was talking to my amazing mentor about the situation, and everything leading up to. i told him how i was eating well, ordering steamed veggies, salads, and nibbling off my moms fried food here and there (i did down a huge basket of onion rings w help from mom and dad). when we were eating the rings, i told my parents, “this is probably the most fried food ive had in more than 8 years combined.” and it wasnt even a lot per se. as i was talking to my mentor he said, “maybe its a testament to how trained you have your body to feed and use nourishing food. im pretty strict with what i eat. i dont do boxed food. i dont do processed food. i go through cleansing periods where i wont eat meat to give my liver a break. pretty much if it has chemicals or doesnt grow from the earth it doesnt go in my mouth. he said, ” your body may have just refused to metabolize the ‘junk’ you put in your body. it rejected what was not up to par with its standards and those standards were created by you.”

hmmmm. i thought about it. maybe he was right. so what do i do??? i take it a step further.

what about the standards we set for our lives? our bodies? our minds? our hearts? our spirits and souls? are we setting the standards high enough, and if so, can we detect in time the junk that we may decide to nibble on? what are we establishing as nourishment in our lives? what are we feeding off of? do we eat up drama like a 1 lb. bag of doritos? do we self-sabotage? and when we do, does it feel so numbing like a needle to the vein?

how do we create the healthy lives, thoughts, and actions that serve us to our best potential?

with training.

as i have trained my body to decipher the desire-able and undesire-able foods i want to intake, i am now training myself for the elements i want to intake or dispel from my existence and overall periphery. i can either eat/live in sludge or i can eat/live in purity, nature, harmony and balance. its my choice, and i hold the power.

just “food for thought” no….pun intended. wink. 😉

so here i am tooling around my place probably not doing what i should be doing….but whats up with the word “should” anyway???

next pic you might get is me dancing around in fuzzy slippers and pj’s.

only take in the beauty-you deserve that.


be on the lookout for pics from barcelona……coming soon….