my sis and i….

are very intuitive.

well, we all are, actually…some of us just a little more open and practiced to it, i guess.

i went to my sis’ place yesterday for a pool party. i arrived late as i wasnt feeling the energy to be “on” in front of a lot of people. so, at party’s close we started cleaning up and talking. of course, 3 hours later, we hashed out our trials and tribulations, caught up on life, and connected like sisters do.

she proceeded during our chat to tell me that she had a dream about me. a harmful dream in which i was lead into danger. and i must say this, my sister and i are very complex with one another as we both have extremely strong personalities, and “feel” almost too much for our own good. so, all of that being said, we take each others intuitive visions and thoughts to heart even if it may be painful to hear.

she was on point with her dream of me. this is what we discussed and hashed out. and i told her about my dreams and visions as of late, and all the dots were connected.

its actually funny because i think we get our intuition and 6th sense from our dad. intuition is usually categorized belonging to women, but my dad somewhere along the way developed a pretty strong sensibility for “knowing”. he is so spot on with his gut feeling it was always scary when we were kids. nothing got past him, unfortunately.

so…the point of this post is to say that i had amazing quality catch up time with my sis. and that she helped in guiding me in the direction i already know to be my true north, as she dreamt it for me and needed to pass it along.

today is sunday, my favorite day of the week…, flea market on fairfax, gym…..but today, i think im skipping church, and im gonna make my own religion amongst myself, my books, and rummaging through vintage crap. today is a good day. 😉

call someone and tell them that you love them. enjoy your sabbath the way you know how……….



7 thoughts on “my sis and i….

  1. This is So BEAUTIFUL!! and You two a such Special Girls ..

    Sending you a text in light of your post… Love u!

  2. You two have the most unique beauty I have ever seen with my own eyes. God certainly broke the mold after done with you girls;) Thank God for sisters!

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