i want to lay in this….

white forever……

its overcast.
its lazy.
everyones moving slowly because theres no where to be in urgency.
and the majority of the angels in this city are still sleeping off the hell they partied in the night before.

all is silent.

my king size white sheeted cocoon has me so sucked right in. (it can be a big kingdom for a little girl…)

the blessed drone of silence, mixed with the hum of my fan, accented by the birds trying to summon the world to wake and walk in its glory has me purring in this moment.

i dont have to do fuck-all today if i dont want to.

and i dont have to start just yet, either.

(i did get up and make my coffee with no almond milk as i am living like a bachelor and have nothing….so my white sheets are contrasted by my extremely black coffee no sweetener. but whatevs…)

i had crazy dreams last night. i was all over the world making stops saying hi to people i have known and that i love. i had conversations. things were said that were never said. answers given. friendships made. laughter resounded.

in my dream i was literally flying to whatever destination i desired next. i would touch down. i would spend some time. then i was off again.

…it was perfection.

i usually never remember my dreams…but last night i did. and the people i “visited” can probably feel my presence even now, i just know it.

……….the other day i was stretching on the mat at my super hollywood-shit show-go to be seen gym and i was completely zoned out as i was laying almost on my head in splits.

a guy in front of me is in down dog. so as he is looking upside down behind himself he sees me in trance. i dont know him. he starts laughing at me. he says, “you need to go home…youre clearly done for the day….youre exhausted.” he was right. come to find out hes a hypnotist, and he said i was zoning out into my own trance like state, and he was watching me for quite some time. he asks about the butterfly tattoo on my wrist, and i give him the latin meaning, and he pauses. he asks, “have you ever seen the matrix?” “yup” i say. he goes on to say, “the scene where hes told to follow the white rabbit, and he does, and the whole story then unfolds because he saw the white rabbit tattooed on the girl…”. “yup.” i say. he said, “i had a dream of a butterfly last night and i think its bizarre to run into you today…”.

we continue talking…he tells me a little bit about himself and some things he’s dealing with, and i suggest a book to him. he leaves thankful for our encounter and i receive an email from him several hours later letting me know he bought the book and is halfway done. he said it was exactly what he needed, and that it was making things so much clearer for him. he left me with a quote from Lao Tzu, and he also told me that i was his butterfly that he needed to be on the lookout for because i provided him with what he needed to receive.

synchronicity is all around us if we choose to heed its gentle prod. you can think im nutballs for this story which is fine, or you can choose to believe that all encounters are for the benefit of always wanting to get us to and support us in furthering our greatness. i choose the latter. we can believe what we want. why not believe in sheer brilliance?

on this hazy, lazy sunday look for your magic. its there. its just not intrusive. it must feel welcome to present itself to you….welcome it all in.

Lao Tzu fell asleep and dreamt he was a butterfly. Upon awakening, he asked himself, “Am I a man who has just been dreaming that he was a butterfly, or a sleeping butterfly, now dreaming that he is a man?”…

if i can get out from in between these white sheets, i may be able to muster the energy to follow my white rabbit….




6 thoughts on “i want to lay in this….

  1. Dude…so unrighteous. I’ve totally lost my Mojo. I met a friend of friends and she is really cute. So because of circumstance I couldn’t just go and talk to her, and friends have been trying to hook her and I up. Everyone wants it to happen. I dig her, she digs me, friends are chill with it all… Still it ain’t happened yet. Got the flu and had to lay low for a few days. You don’t want to meet someone with gobs of snot running out of your face. It is uncool. Sheeze, I can’t get a date with a girl who likes me and this guy just throws out a Keanu Reeves line and Macks the Hottest chica in Hollywood.
    I have totally lot my Mojo.

    I’m going into the garden and eat worms.

  2. youre so funny steve……(ps-you have to text me your info again….i lost all my numbers) but i figured someone would think he was mackin me, but he truly wasnt. he was just nice and “in tune’….as i was writing it out it sounded as a move in on me sitch, but it absolutely wasnt!!!!

    youre fucking hilarious!

    when the snot goes from green to clear…….go get the girl!!!


  3. I have transgressed the Laws of Health Sick
    With change of season cold but your elegant prose brings me much pleasure and faith that
    Life is precious and You R 2…

    Offering the Best I possess. Tommy. 🙂

  4. First off I LOVE that picture of YOU!!!!!!!!! What a Cozy and Amazing atmosphere it’s almost as if you can feel yourself right there in the moment… Last night when I texted you I was sitting here in my Office and I felt so overwhelmed and had to connect missing you! I felt your presence at that moment was I one? Also I do believe that people are brought into your life at certain times for certain reasons, either to deliver a message or just to be at one and to let you know that you are not alone. Your words continue to Move me and you have changed my life more than you will ever know.. If you are this powerful mind, body and soul from afar I can just imagine how AMAZING its going t feel when I finally stand before you for the first time!! Your that one thing in my life that was missing and now your here.. Thank you~ I LOVE YOU!

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