im like a 14 year old girl…..

its saturday night.
i know i have to wrangle soon for a night out. but twilight is on yet again. i should be embarrassed at this point how many times ive seen this flick.

theres no excuse for it.

this is the gitty girl in me.

but i am sooooo cozy here, writing, in bed with the heater on and drinking my old stale left over coffee from this morning (old coffee is a nasty habit of mine.. i love it).


yup, its a buster.

ive heard it said before, “(E)dging (G)od (O)ut.” hmmmm. interesting right???

i seem to have put the choke chain on mine in a lot of ways, but like everyone else at times it seems to sometimes shimmy out of its collar. me and several of my close friends are in transition and making changes in what our lives have looked like. a sort of re-positioning if you will, and things that i once used as crutches are now being removed, and im standing on my own two legs with no pseudo support from the “ego pieces” i like to call them.

(edward is now showing restraint as he is sucking bellas blood……and then finds it within himself to stop……) yummy. an addiction for someone like that sounds quite appealing to me right about now…….anyway……….

im coming up against some beautiful challenges that make me know im alive. and what shows to me is the growth that im not feeling sorry for myself or in complete bitch-complaint mode. thats HUGE for me. im just trying to float through it. i quit gritting my teeth a long time ago.

in information we gain even more information if we read between the lines. and im grateful in all thats going on with me i am learning so much.

nothing else to say other than i am “thankful” for the johnnie walker rocks i will be having later tonight.

happy saturday night.
….and put the ego aside just for tonight, and laugh, love, and play like you were 14 again………no matter whos watching.

peace…from my bed to the streets of LA making its way to you-



3 thoughts on “im like a 14 year old girl…..

  1. Thank You for touching my ~SOUL~ once again all the way from here~ The child in me always wants to play and be curious while doing so. YOU have brought that alive in me once again~ I LOVE U!

  2. If your like a 14 yr old girl can I be like a 15
    Yr old boy and experience the Dance of Life with
    You if only for minute?

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