it all comes back to one.

here i am. here you are. here we are…

back to one.


back to one.

yesterday was my birthday (and thank you all so much for the insane love given to me with the wishes…i am truly humbled). i always get very introspective on my birthday (New Years Eve) as i wind down another personal year and then also share with the rest of the world that global winding down and also simultaneously ramping up. its always been a very bittersweet day to call my day of celebration. however, this year was amazingly simple. i spent it with several of my favorite people.

and today as the passing of the stroke of midnight is now a “past” i am sitting here in further reflection.

btw-im doing all of this “reflecting” with TOM & JERRY on in the background. this is some really serious stuff. 😉

there are things that i want this year. i have visions for what my bliss looks like, and goals i will attain.
i have always sort of had this self-inflicted voice in my head that says, “you cant ask for what you want!” or, “who are you that you can have your hearts desire?” and this voice and i battle it out daily. its like my own personal sparring workout, and i never even have to step foot in the boxing gym. this voice sox and boxes me all over the place.

but today…its back to ONE.
january 1!

a new start for me, and a new start for you. i know people who are so anti new years day, like, “people fall prey to the idea of a new start like its some false sense of hope…”…well, i can see where they are coming from. there are a lot of forces in this thing we call life that medicate the masses, but i have to say this:

we are all of one energy. we are all connected. none is better than the next. ONE. and when we get the opportunity to join collectively in the idea, just the IDEA of a new start, and getting to wipe the slate clean, and all is awash and fresh…there power grows. power grows and gives that “idea” legs. and i am grateful for getting to join with many near and far in the idea of starting over and making right my past wrongs. i welcome it.

so as i sit here watching jerrys woes in dealing with an uber-aggressive, over-catnipped cat, i sit with you in this crisp newness. i walk with you on this path to infinite possibility. and as i do this with you, i also start with me. i start at one. i strengthen this one so i can offer up strength to the whole. i want to contribute to the betterment of “us” to this world to our change.

so i start with one. i choose to oWN nEW eNLIGHTENMENT.

i make myself available for new lessons.
i make myself available for direction.
i make myself available to all the juicy goodness this world so badly wants us to experience.
i simply just make myself available.

my heart is quiet. it beats fiercely, but not feverishly. i breathe in with grace and ease. this is how it all started many years ago. just a heartbeat and a breath.

and i am here again. alone, and beautifully back to one.