i feel like writing.

its sunday, and im sitting in my living room watching “WEDDING CRASHERS” and thinking a lot and barely listening to the hum of the television. its my white noise choice of the moment.

i just got back from texas. and it was so refreshing to get back to my basics. i got back to my roots, i re-established who i am amongst the nicest people in the world. my guy came back home with me and i think was a bit taken aback to experience such kindness and welcome hiding behind the accents (or maybe he just couldnt quite understand what they were saying at first)…:)

as i get back to LA life a week later, i simultaneously find myself very thankful for the world ive carved out here. i love my life here. its my little world. i have my friends that i love and that love me. my sister is here. im striving toward my dreams, and i have the outlets available to me that continue to enrich my life. i think i somehow realized that it doesnt have to be one or the other. i dont have to appreciate the past and discard the present, or disown my past to honor my place now. i can hold reverence for both.

its in these moments when i realize that its quite a subtle balance of appreciating and reflecting on the life, people, and experiences that mold our character, beliefs and core, and also containing gratitude for where we are now and the mystery of the unknown of whats to come.

i hold such an appreciation for the people in my life that really love me, honor me, and treat me with respect. its very important to keep people around me that support my greatness and allow me to grow deeper into that greatness. its true the old saying, “you are the company you keep”. i have beautiful people around me that make me want to be a better me.

not much of a point today other than just realizing that i had a blast eating bbq and crawfish, but im also happy to be back scarfing down these healthy boring salads!!!

and i would also like to say a big thank you to all of our veterans-past, and currently serving. and anyone who has family that has served or serving…everyone involved has sacrificed, and i say, “THANK YOU!”