just thoughts…from just a girl…

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
And how I held you up
This feeling is useless-you used me up

I should have thought better of it-
Than to give you what I have-
I havent got what i want and you want what i have
and its all things bad

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Come around, come back around -come here to me
Sit down, sit down -stay a while with me
Let me in -you can come in-you will be my.. friendly sin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i can feel your pain for ive got some too
open yourself up, let it move through you
i know your love like wine on my lips
the warm, the burn, the devilish grip

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

thats it…

good night to all…

well being….

i just read a book entitled WELLBEING by Tom Rath and Jim Harter.

it discusses the 5 essential elements to being well.

1) career wellbeing
2) social wellbeing
3) financial wellbeing
4) physical wellbeing
5) community wellbeing

and it opened my eyes a bit to the meaning of well,… wellbeing. 😉

in career wellbeing, along with hoping to love what we do, even if thats not entirely the case-we want to feel appreciated and that we’re doing a good job. we are programmed to desire the feeling of accomplishment. interesting. how many bosses appreciate or dont appreciate their employees? if you are a boss…take a second to revere your staff, it enhances morale and allows the space for employees to want to perform better. its proven.

in social wellbeing it says that we long connection with others around us. we are happier when we share with others. and theres a balance between alone time and interacting socially. it states that for us to feel well socially-we dont have to have the most friends, we just need a few that support us, help us achieve, and that help us develop and grow. so we truly are “the company we keep”.

in financial wellbeing it seems that we tend to want to keep up with the joneses, but in research, studies have shown that people that tend to be happier arent those with the most things, the biggest houses, or the newest Cartier watch. research indicates the happiest people are those that have their basic needs met (food, shelter,clothing) and then have extra for sharing with those around them. people tend to be happier when they actually buy for others rather than themselves. and that happiness deepens when one can share an experience with someone else rather than a material gift. memories that we make from a small trip or a party thrown for your best friend tends to make us happy. so as it seems the “newness” of the watch will last for maybe a month, the memories of your friday night dinner party with friends will recycle over and over.

in physical wellbeing there is a direct connection between physical exertion and happiness. there are chemicals released, toxins removed, and the sloth-like feeling dissipates. i see it personally with my training clients-if they havent been with me for a while, due to work or scheduling, after a few session back in it, there mood is enhanced. and as i would love to say that im so disgustingly charming to be around….its not me, its the physical release they get and all the perks that come from pushing their bodies, sweating, and the overall sense of accomplishment. and usually when one implements a good work out, they tend to wanna follow that up with healthy, mindful eating. it all pays off…the result…more happiness. its simple, really.

in community wellbeing it poses the idea that we all like to be passionate about something. a cause, a fight for finding a cure, sitting with the elderly…something. this is what makes up our “community” the things and people that shape our lives for purpose. when we have a healthy outlet or hobby, we also feel a sense of purpose that brings peace to our minds. it gets us out of our own neurosis and we then can put forth energy to a cause that we feel connected to for whatever reason. maybe someone in your family battles cancer so you do the AVON walk, or you love kids so you volunteer at a BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB, this brings…you guessed it…a sense of happiness.

and the key to all of these is to have them in balance. if your a little plump in the financial arena, but a little anorexic in social wellbeing…the scales are tipped. what good is all that money if you dont have the social outlet to enjoy the finances?…and i know youre thinking to yourself, “shit, if i had money who needs to be social?”…but think of all the people who have money, but arent happy because their “wellbeings” arent in balance…there is some truth to this book and what it speaks. or what if your community wellbeing is thriving and youre fighting so many causes your passionate about, but your career wellbeing looks bleak and youre not earning money to pay your bills? there has to be balance.

cut it like a pie.

we all hunger for acceptance.
we all desire to feel accomplished.
we all seek approval of a job well done.
we all want someone to say, “hey, im your friend, you can count on me.”
we all want to feel the security of being able to pay our light bill.

we can have all of these things, and have them in abundance.

today i am grateful for my body that can go on a long run and clear the cob-webs in my head.
today i am grateful for my hands and mind that can earn a dollar.
today i am grateful that i have enough to feed myself.
today i am grateful for all my friends and my support system i can give to and receive from…(this makes me truly wealthy).
today i am grateful for my passions that keep me aflame.
today i am.



today i choose independence….

first of all, let me say a resounding “thanks” to all those who defend and have defended our independence-my family members included….”thank you”.

but today i want to talk about the “proverbial” independence.

we all can make the choice to be free and independent. speaking for myself, i continually forget that its in my control the way my life is lived out. the only thing i need independence from is my own psychotic mind.

worry this-
obsess that-
unhappy with them-
fearful of everything…

but i can be free.

today im choosing to exercise this freedom.

today im choosing to walk in this independence.

independent of fear, anxiety, judgement, anger, unhappiness.

we are our own soldiers and watchmen of our thoughts which in turn decide our freedom.

be free today, live in love and happiness. soldier up, and “let freedom ring” in your heart, mind and life today.

happy fourth of July to everyone and LIVE LIFE LARGE today…..

fly free beautiful babies…..

at home. saturday afternoon.

windows open.
organizing my life.
mask on? check.
teeth whiteners? check.
grateful for this completely nondescript, usual, peaceful day? check.

today isssss just………simple. no ringing phones, no loud obnoxious neighbors, just me, my computer, and the sun.

in T-minus an hour and a half i’ll go on an evening run. again, thankful.

i just want to check in,say hey,happy 4th weekend and that im grateful that i have the freedom to say whatever the hell i want to say. as i usually say too much…..(a lot of you may not be thankful for my freedom of speech, but you also have yours). 🙂 we are free to have our thoughts. we are free to have our words. we are free to worship in whatever fashion serves us. i am grateful.

this weekend as you are celebrating with your friends, families, and acquaintances take a moment to revel in the freedom of your truth. we are a blessed people, we have so much given to us, and therefore so much is expected of us in return. i hope by the end of my life i can say i gave back.

as youre tossin’ a few cold ones back-give back…give a hug. tell a friend youre thankful for them. sit with yourself and write down your thoughts and express them (because you can), and take in a deep, deep breath and be grateful for it…because its yours and no one can take it away…..unless, in a good way.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”

thanks to all who have served and will serve to keep us all breathing freely, and still praying for peace.

and i hate to sound like your mother…but please celebrate responsibly….theres a lot of riders and drivers out there…..