have you ever noticed how “the things we focus on seem to grow”…? we’ve been told this our entire lives i feel, but dismiss it as someone’s annoying voice just telling us things we dont want to listen to.

be positive and goodness will come-you will get positive results.
be negative and shit will creep in around you.

i have been ever so guilty of putting on my “3D shit-finder glasses” lately…ive had no lack in finding the gloom.
but it is ever so true.

it stops here…

its funny, i HATE, LOATHE, DETEST cold weather. i actually get rather depressed in the winter as i can never get warm. and here in LA it has been rather brisk, crisp and essentially free of smog. usually, id bitch and moan that it was so frigid, but ive been able to inhale/exhale expand and contract with it. ive enjoyed the idea of possibilities of beauty happening rather than crap. maybe im on the upswing of shedding my skin of complaint and viewing life differently. i think we all go through pockets of misery lifted up by moments of bliss. its an unbreakable law of nature. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. at least we can take comfort knowing that there will always be a cycle in life.

and that we get what we give.

its like the matrix, which pill am i gonna choose to take?

what view am i going to choose to see life?

what direction am i gonna steer myself?

its all my choice.

marianne williamson’s tweet this morning was this:”change your life by retraining your mental muscles. example-think of the BEST thing that could happen and ASSUME that it will.”

thats the choice im making today to find the BEST.
im not coming to you with this whole, “hey, life is so great all the time! and OMG, lollipops and rainbows fly out of my ass”…im not saying that. im saying that just for today, i have waken up with a tremendous amount of gratitude in my heart, a different sight on life, and a fresh pot of coffee flowing through my veins.JUST FOR TODAY, i can breathe without a tight chest, and im saying thank you.

the day has broken. its beautiful. swarming with miracles all around. its crisp, its new and waiting -crying out for your hand to paint it with your most beautiful colors.

and if you have to start out small and paint by numbers, thats definitely ok too. the universe will meet you and support you exactly where you are in this moment. but paint.

peace-and all my love.