after the rain always comes a beautiful sky…

everything in life is cyclical.

wall street





the strength and peace comes knowing that when theres a downturn, there in the true order of our holy natural laws, there has to come the upswing.

when it rains, the sun has to show up…eventually.

when we cry…we have to feel a much needed release.

when we lose, if we look in the right gap-we can find the win.

go forth this Thursday and live in peace knowing that any chaos and hectic change is in fact ridiculously all predictable…the other view will appear. it has to. is an indisputable law of nature.




the sun is done grappling with itself to stay up for the day…

monday…it was just here and soon it will be gone…

windows open.

curtains blowing.

brazilian music blaring.

and as i finish cutting up all the ingredients for my cioppino and i sit in void as it simmers, i decide to tickle the blog keys.

today was a gorgeous day in this angel city. all hell was breaking loose with our occasional wind storms such as last night, but i woke up today and all was at peace and damn beautiful.

as the garlic starts to make its presence known through the kitchen i can say today that “i am happy”.

follow your bliss, it wont steer you wrong…even if its down to your belly with some homemade seafood cioppino…