thank you.

i just want to take this moment and thank all the veterans who have served…the ones i know and the ones i do not know.


thank you to the men in my family who are subjects of pride in doing something i myself could not do. 


as i say thank you with the deepest of gratitude in the same breath i say that i wish for a day when a man or woman needs only to soldier up for his or her family. a day in which there will be no war. a day in which there will be no hunger. and a day when a mother doesnt have to say bye to her baby shipping out. and a day when a little boy never has to miss his daddy.


i will take a moment of gratitude for this life and a moment to see a peaceful world.


thank you all who have served for your dedication, sacrifice, and gift.








a pause…

a break

a brief moment of reprieve

a time out…


to allow the greeting of the still silence  to wash over you like a healing elixir


is sometimes all we need.


today if need be, enjoy the space between thought an action-there is a paradise there.










upside down; right side up….

i woke up a few weeks ago and flooding in like a head rush, i suddenly realized i was miserable.

not just with one thing, but quite a few things actually.

it (this feeling i speak of) had been dancing around like a numbing zombie-yet invisible. i could feel it creepin’ around but couldnt quite locate it.

and then a funny thing happened…like an out of body experience, i grew very tired of hearing myself just bitching about my situation(s) to my friends.


then a week and a half ago:

i make the decision.



if its not serving my greater good and the greater good of those around me, change it.

if its not positively feeding me and nourishing the greatness that is in me, change it.

and since, the monsters in my head have been silenced.

and from time to time we get knocked off kilter and things seem to be bigger mountains to traverse over than others. we cant see the peak for the clouds, but theres always the other side even if its out of view.

so i encourage you to seek that change that may have been tugging at you, but you feel a little trepidation in the follow through. sometimes its very very painful and uncomfortable, but once the action is taken the constriction in your chest will release.

the making of the decision is always the hardest part.

so what ever it could be for you, listen to it.

the view on the other side could be glorious.

happy thursday,



munday, funday…

i love mondays.

i love change.

and i love the idea of perpetually getting to start over.

if you find yourself in a monday rut-take a second to change it up. take a different route to work, go to a new unexplored coffee joint, be annoyingly nice to a perfect stranger…something.

it takes but a simple step to invoke meaningful change.

the sun moon and stars just may get into their ruts of always shining, always circling and always shooting unless we dance in their light.

our beautiful expression gives meaning to our universe always showing up.

peace on a random monday-


just listen…

right brain says to the left…

left brain argues with the right….

what about this, how can that…

anxiety settles into the veins like a northwestern fog…

heaviness becomes champion…

i retire to defeat….

and then…

but then…

when too exhausted to fight against myself…

theres no other choice…

silence becomes my nature…

a still small voice…

not of fight…

not of struggle…

but of resilience…

a familiar voice of the steadfast and sure.

the familiar voice…

its my own…

and again, with graceful gift and backbone…

i rise…


there is alpha in her blood.