i stand corrected, and realigned.

i, at times, get into the habit of feeling down.

feeling sorry for myself.

comparing that leads to despairing.

blah, blah…and boring blah…

this isnt my true nature. it just creeps in from time to time.

i got sick last week and it was sort of a “woe is me” wailing week. im better, so all good.


….jump cut to last night…


i had the pleasure and honor to attend a gathering for LINDA’S VOICE. LINDA’S VOICE is an organization using creativity, social media and direct financial assistance to end domestic abuse globally. its founded by three sisters….i will call them the three graces. kelley, amanda, and summer.

the three sisters were compelled to start this movement in response, mandate, and what i would assume a catharsis to dealing with losing their mother to domestic violence resulting in murder at the hand of their step father whom they loved.


i can NOT even wrap my teenie little brain around an effect of such magnitude.

but their reality at the time was a 16 year old left to care for two younger sisters. the youngest being 8.

there are so many elements i would like to tap on, but will save the length of my wind and key tapping….

the power and perseverance of the human spirit.

the adaptability and emotional intelligence to create beauty out of damage and chaos.

and above all God’s grace. three of them to be exact.




if im being candid and brutally honest with myself (and you for that matter) i cant say i wouldnt use something such as this as a great excuse for my life. with everything. with everyone. in regard to anything.

as i spend the day in humbling reflection, i stand here corrected in my attitude that i can sometimes acquire. i choose to realign myself to the remembering of God’s grace that is clearly all around. i stand  before these ladies and say, ” i am humbled. i am in full respect of the great things they are doing, and they have set an example for me in how i decide to view things and the action i take toward.”

they are not only surviving, they are thriving by giving a voice to the voiceless.

as a guest at this function last night, it was apparent to me, this underlying feeling of peace (true authentic peace), a joy for life, and a gratitude for all that is.

i have been touched with a new insight.

thank you for having me last night. i am honored beyond measure.

my applause to the “4 GRACES”.







your voice is being heard.











2 thoughts on “i stand corrected, and realigned.

  1. Stay strong Natalie, I am a big fan of you after finished watching survivor:micronesia yesterday, God help those who help themselves, and you are my idol! ^^ Cheer up;)

  2. thanks so much!!!! im thoroughly happy….it just is a great wake up call in those moments of wanting to choose a bad mood……not worth it and usually never justified….much love back to you! 🙂

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