making a move…

at times in my life, i find myself so shocked and utterly stunned at this universal phenomenon…

Joseph Campbell said it first: “follow your bliss”


why i am shocked and stunned by this? this is why: it is so easy, and it is so foolproof.

and the phenomenon part???? i always forget how easy it is, and i always fight just simply following my bliss. and when i get clear, i suddenly remember again how easy it was, yet so hard for me to remember…..get it?!

and yet i am amazed every time my heart sings out in gratitude when i do. (thats the foolproof part). if i follow my bliss, and my heart opens up with a gut deep belly laugh, that is the making for a beautiful journey. foolproof…not that it will always be easy, but there will be an intense under current of joy that cant be ignored. it is just there. and when that joy is absent-that is the whisper of a bliss-less existence…

i go through times of “getting lost” or i grow very concerned about my path, and this is when my heart swells up and gives out a big cry. it feels heavy. it feels swollen. and it can get to the point where it seems its going to burst.

this is me speaking to ME.

its so simple yet again…

its like the not so cool kid in me is talking to the cool kid in me saying, “hey! whats up? this isnt cool we gotta fix something…”

“yeah, yeah, yeah….whatever, its cool.”-snarks the cool kid.

then one day my heart bursts open needing to cry out and whats its crying out for is its bliss.

and to my surprise, when i start to follow my heart-when i begin to follow that bliss (its not a chase by the way, its a simple going toward the things that simply just bring me joy) the heaviness dissipates, color comes back to the flowers on my walk, my life is no longer black and white and dulling shades of grey. 

the simplicity is SIMPLY astonishing! and i feel such grace when i get to remember this each and every time i remember to follow the bliss thats right there waiting for me to just come along for the ride.


its there and its waiting.


follow your bliss.


“When you follow your bliss… doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell


peace, aaah peace….