sometimes water is thicker than blood…..

everyday i take for granted my lil glass bottle full of my herbs and water that i  sip on daily. its such a part of my daily routine that i wouldnt even recognize myself without my green bottle in my hand.

a friend of mine has made me very aware of a charity his charity has partnered with to bring fresh clean water to Ethiopian children. the water that is available to the children is vast. there is plenty of water on hand but it is not drinkable. WAVES FOR WATER or (you can find the mission at) is helping transform the water by supplying the village with filters and a system that will successfully provide all of that water available into pure drinking water.

this project will help eradicate cholera, typhoid, dysentery, e.coli, and so many other water traveling diseases from their water source.

everyday, i sip on my herb infused water and dont even take a moment to give gratitude for the ease in which i drink it. it is expected. i feel entitled to pure drinking water, and yet there are people, children, babies, animals, and elderly that dont get the simplest form of what i think is a human right. pure water. these facts and insight remind me to be grateful for the water i get to drink. and for the record, i am entitled to healthy water as i feel EVERY LIVING BEING IS ENTITLED TO PURE DRINKING WATER.

i am going to gift myself for Christmas a water filter for the children of sister donna francis’ refuge she built called HEARTLAND located in Argisa, Ethiopia. this is the greatest gift i can give myself. $50 for a filter buys me peace of mind. peace of mind knowing some little girl out there will have pure water whenever she needs it. and i am blessed enough in these rough economic times, and even though things are tight for me, i can offer $50 bucks for a whole shelter of children to have drink. this makes my soul leap! 

i invite you to also donate if your heart is pulled toward this mission. there is a link below. you can donate anything you can. if you dont have $50 for a filter and you have a beautiful $10 bill to give…you will be blessed beyond measure just the same. if you want to give more perhaps, they wont say no to it. and again, you and the children will be blessed beyond measure.

there is something that takes place in an exchange such as this. the universe steps in and self corrects the imperfections. there is correction for all involved. correction on a soul level, and correction on a physical level.  and in this exchange water becomes thicker than blood. because we all are one. WE ARE ALL ONE. sharing pure water with those who need it; joins us. we are relating on a human level. maybe we’re not related by blood but by water and spirit, and sometimes that can be far more powerful.

all my best-


MVP Filter

Make the Donation


 photography and mission documentation by: anthony fiorin founder of TIME FOR GRACE
TIME FOR GRACE is partnered with WAVES FOR WATER in providing a system and filters for water purification.
to view more of these images travel to

**if you go to the filter link above to donate to purchase a filter let me know. i will provide a shipping address for you to have the filter shipped to the volunteers going to ethiopia. they will be taking all the filters with them when they go. xx


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