dress rehearsal…


i know some people cast judgments against the ones of us who get excited and enthralled over a new year. i’ve heard it before, “the weak and feeble of mind buy into the newness of possibility when its really just another calendar day…this ignorantly blissful belief in something to offer hope and peace for people to believe in a new year…blah blah blah…”

but i DO get excited about it and i’m unapologetic that i get excited about it.

the question was presented to Pablo Picasso, “how do you paint, and come up with your paintings?”…he answered, “i always start with a blank canvas.” we can all be a Picasso and a new year can be our canvas.

and what i’m really grasping is life is not a dress rehearsal. it just IS. THIS IS LIFE. its here, and there is no “Someday”, because someday never comes.

so im starting this year off with no governor on my engine. i’m not rationing out my energy. i’m not saving ideas or dreams to someday do. i’m moving full steam ahead, i will put forth maximum effort into my endeavors, and i am living as my someday is today.

so my wish for you is that this year is the most brilliant movie you’ve ever written, directed, cast, and starred in…and the wardrobe??…dress to the nines!

happy new day, new life, new idea, new love, and new year….

much peace-






Imagephoto credit: kevin weaver




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