since i was little i  go to sleep to music. i need that “white noise” to send me to zenREM…lately, i have been waking up with a childlike sense of wonderment.

i have been consumed with an immense sense of gratitude for this thing called “life”. i have seen such darkness that the sun is even more  warm and vibrant than i remember of its last sighting.

everyday, i get to be inspired by what and who is around me. daily i am reminded that my body is a temple.


everyday comes the awareness that my actions affect the world or at least my neighbor…and that has a ripple effect. i am responsible for myself. and i am responsible for the world, and leaving it better than how i found it.

i feel humbled when i witness people around me pushing through their own barriers and challenges with tenacity, grace, and fortitude. i get to be in THAT kind of company.

company of people that GIVE A DAMN.

on days in which i wake up with  anxiety, i can rely on the strength of the company around me to catapult me forward. the beauty is knowing i will be the conduit for them one day when they need it as well.

so the goal of this post is to tell you that if you feel there is no more sun, no more heat, and the beauty has faded…the light is coming. it always does. and for me the only way of recognizing the light, is to have completely with every fiber of my being digested the darkness; swallowing it whole. or it swallowing me, rather.

i would like to thank all of the people that have blessed me with their friendship, their love, and sometimes tough stances that needed to be taken for my advancement.

we are constructed in this complex, tightly woven web to dance with one another. we just need to be listening to the music.



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