I want to invite you and welcome you here. You may wanna stay; you may wanna go. Either way, I’m here to just journal. Some of you may already know that I tend to vacillate from mood to mood so with that depending, my entries may vary with what I’m in the mood for. “EARLY TO RISE” will be my very first thought of the day. Good, bad, or ugly- it may be one word; it may be a frantic tangent. I guess we’ll see where my hazy subconscious takes us! Share your thoughts with me, and I’ll share with you mine.

26 thoughts on “about

  1. Heyy,
    My name is Tammy and i just wanted to say that i am a really big fan of yours. I loved you on survivor and you have a magnificent voice. Not to mention the fact that you are absolutely stunning! Oh and i also really like your car 😛
    Take care
    xox Tammy

  2. hey Tammy-

    thank you so much for the love….i gotta say you melt my heart when you mention my baby “delilah”… i hope you keep checking in with me…


  3. well what can i say your shes a beauty. and so are you 🙂
    we’ve actually spoke before on myspace, so it’s nice speaking to you again.
    xoxo Tammy

  4. N- You are an unbridled force… I can only hope to be around when you unleash your creative power, like a volcano!

  5. natalie! you are a beautiful inspiration and were a fantastic player on survivor and one of the most memorable castaways of that near-perfect season! heres hoping to see you on some future all-stars version of the series!

  6. hey natalie

    im devo ur not on the new series of survivor as i personally thought u played a damned good game in the fans vs favorites series

    i read your posts on your website and i find i relate alot to the teasing as a child aspect. its amazing that when you finally grow into your features that you realise how you dont care what those people say and that your beauty was in you all along.
    Cheesy i know, but i find it to be true in my life

    i also appreciate your taste in cars … im a chevrolet impala person myself 🙂

  7. thanks so much! yah, impala’s are nooooot bad either. i know i may write chees-ily from time to time, but i feel you got the messages, and thank you for visiting my blog.

    stay gold!


  8. HEy!! Hehe. I watched you on the replays of Micronesia and cant believe you almost (just a wee bit more) got into the finals with the other two.. haha
    You were great throughout the show.. Cant belive a lady can be rather amazing under that face.. Anyway, You are amazing and i am just stopping by to say Hi..
    So.. yeah..
    Hi! 😀
    -Nur, Singapore

  9. Natalie,

    I didn’t see the original airing of the Micronesia season but am catching up on what I missed now. I haven’t even gotten to the end of the season and you are my favorite on the show! (I am just at the point of the merge.) I know that must be weird for you to hear because you have long since moved on from it but I thought say it because I didn’t know *anything* about the show before I watched Episode 1 so consider me to be proof of the effect you have had on viewers!

    I would like to send you an e-mail but is this address correct? info@nataliebolton.com

    I didn’t want to msg the webmaster instead of you so thought I would check.

    Anyway, be well! Ain’t life grand 🙂

    Chris from Canada

  10. hey chris from canada! (i love canada btw!!!)

    thank you for the love! im glad youre enjoying the season. it was a life changing experience thats for sure. youre words are so sweet, thank you again. yah, im truckin right along…i live in los angeles and am about to strike my next move. you can definitely email me at the address you typed above.

    all my best-


  11. I was going to post a pic of you back in 91 in costa rica 🙂 Just a pic of Vince, you and I(jim) and a couple others. I had no idea you were on survivor. Hope all is well

  12. Hi natalie, how are u?

    For me season 16 was the best seaon yet.
    it was amazing to see that the women alliance really held, they tried it so many time before and it never worked.
    it was great to see 4 amazing girls at the end.

    i think u played really well and it is quiet a shame they didn’t invited you for season 20.

    i was wondering..

    are u in touch with former survivor players?

    for who are u rooting this season?

    i am hoping that parv will win again, it think she might be the best player ever…

    love from israel

  13. hey old roomie. i find it so funny that “then” I don’t think we had alot to talk about…but now, I think we could have some long, serious, fun discussions accented with coffee and possibly even heavier libations. 🙂 Good to know we are all growing up. And out. And in.

  14. i know, crazy right…..we probably could reminisce over the familiar cord, but philosophize on new found theories……youre a beautiful woman! you were a beautiful girl then also. but now we probably just a have a bit more knowledge and grace??? maybe…..??? 🙂

  15. Ma’am, I just discovered your blog last week by accident. Best accident I’ve had in a while. A couple of your posts have really touched me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. natalie, this is Brian Creed. Your sister and I were in the same class at Channelview Christian. Wow, you’ve really grown up. I’m happy for you and your sisters sucess.

  17. thank you so much, brian! my greatest success has been learning that happiness is a choice. and peace of mind is unparalleled !!!! i wish you happiness, joy, and peace for the holidays and the new year!


  18. Natalie, just watched you in Survivor. You struck me as pretty athletic. Ever rock climb or ever think about it? Come check out supertopo.com and maybe say hi on the site’s forum. I think I saw somewhere in researching the season you’re on the west coast, great. So I’m Footloose at supertopo, look me up and leave me a message if you want, maybe some time we could hook up and climb, you might like it, love Yosemite and the high sierra, that would be a hoot. Big fan of Survivor, too. -Bill

  19. Not sure IF this site remains active – do not need a response – but having watched this episode of survivor [only] recently…….many pretty Women cross my paths of life (I’m married to a wonderful ‘9’ – with that said – If I ever win a big lottery – I will give Natalie a million dollars (anonymously – with no future contact) – (my Wife would laugh & understand and not care at all). Just label me another ‘Eric’ giving Natalie my necklace.

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