people…good eggs…..

so, this is officially my very first blog on MY blog page. this blog is dedicated to Rachel Bayne of .

everyday we encounter people. we encounter people who cut us off while driving. we encounter people who have chips on their shoulders. we encounter people who rush the elderly. we encounter people who disappoint. we encounter people who are simply just fu*!ing assholes. we at times ourselves are the fu&@ing assholes.

but i gotta make mention of someone who i want to talk about, and the impact that was made on me. i made friends with rachel thru cyberspace and we’ve kept in touch for almost a year now, i’d say. whatever, no biggie.

i’ve been wanting to get a blog started for a while, and i nonchalantly asked her if she could direct me in the right direction. she totally agreed to help me create it (which i’m not easy to work with always)…and literally, i told her colors and ideas and she ran with it. and no joke it was done in less than a week.

she’s what i’d call a good egg.

simply, just a really nice person. not nice like 1950’s beaver cleaver nice, but someone great enough to inspire me to perform a selfless deed or act. just because i have the power to be nice. we all have the power to be nice and assist.

so rachel, thank you so much-so much for just simply being a kind person. i have benefitted from you being a good egg.

in all my gratitude-