early to rise…

early to rise

5 thoughts on “early to rise…

  1. Hey natalie,i been trying to get you on face book,but havn a bit of problems…Iv seen your blog,realy attention catching,and heard Some Kind Of beautifull,perfect words..

    Anyway,I have a blog myself,and wanted to check with you,if adding a link from mine to yours would be ok…?

    Dont think your known here in SA yet,and think its time you are…

    Nothing of a fancy shmansy blog,but Im just starting out

    Happy hump day..

  2. hey Nicky-

    thanks so much for the love! i appreciate it! yeah, its been a while since ive blogged…its really quite meditative for me if i must say. im glad you’re blogging. i believe everyone should be journaling on some level…send me a link to your blog page i would LOVE to check it out!!!

    best best-

  3. Only a pleasure hey..More than enough love to go around..
    And completely agree with you with regards to the blogging,besides if you dont speak your mind,you become a a prisoner of your own thoughts…

    Anyways check my blog at

    Hope you sail through this Monday..


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