this very bizarre thing…

im reading a book and a topic is power.  something ive been thinking a lot about lately.

this author says that there should be no fear if power is grown alongside vulnerability. he states that the creator of yoga, Patanjali says to tread lightly around the area of power so that it will not be abused (Patanjali was fearful of the trouble power could cause if used wrongly). the author  also states that the fixable solution to that is to also be developing vulnurability. 

i find this very interesting as of late. we find ourselves in times of our lives feeling invincible, other times invisible. sometimes we are magnetic and alluring, other times mousy and quietly assessing. 

so for me, this is a quite graceful balance to attain- to continue developing my ability to remain vunerable, and allowing my power to be an unbridled force. 

i know this is a weird one today. the women im sure can get what im saying. even the men too, even though they dont want to admit that they too think of their power. 🙂


it seems to always come back to balance.






fah fah fah riday…..

ok, this is a big one….

im getting broken off by my author whom i read every morning. hes writing on how we control or try to control our lives. and how it simply is just coming from the mind.

he says that when we try to be too controlled, life in all its splendor will just pass us by because we are trying to have life conform to a certain mold. life refuses-so it passes “controlled” people by.

this is a hard one for me. i was reared to control everything. if i were acting up at a restaurant, my dad just needed to look at me a certain way-and i knew i needed to pull my shit together. i was also taught that 1+2=3…with everything. if i do this, then this will happen. if i act this way, i’ll get this…controlling every nuance of my life has been my mantra. but somewhere along the way i’ve neglected life to a degree.

frankly, i’ve been so controlled. i’ve kept my shit together when people have wronged me. i have been uber-stategic in certain areas of my life. i’ve calculated, and i’m tired of it. i want to relax a little and let life do it’s thing. it will ultimately take care of me so i can let go a little.

its perfect timing because its friday…i can let go a lot.

have a good one-