good morning!!!

here we are at friday again.

i am thankful for that, and many other things.

i really dont have too much to say other than i am stoked it’s raining outside. i’m chugging down my instant coffee trash that i love, and all is well with my world. things are problematic, there’s hunger, there’s incurable disease-we’ve already touched on the economy….but in this moment all is ok in my little world.

i get refreshed when i smell the rain wash through the los angeles soot and grime. there are a plethora of rhythms and sounds to mesmerize…every time it rains i give myself an allowance to take a beat and wash my head clean of all the negative, trifle shit that this world brings to us on a daily.

that’s what i’m doing right now in this moment. clearing out. and i wanted to share with you.

and, peace.