late start friday…

i really dont have a pressing matter to discuss with you today. but we all know i love to hear my own thoughts even if no one else gives a shit…so, i’ll come up with something simply for my own pleasure…

in my book i read everyday for my sense of zen, today the author wrote:

“drop your fixed ideas. then you will be able to enjoy confusion more. and it will not be confusion-it will be creative chaos. we need a creative chaos in the heart to give birth to dancing stars. there is no other way.”

well, that’s just one of the most ridiculously brilliant and arguable statements i’ve ever heard. it’s sort of like the statement: “wherever you go, that’s where you are” or some shit like that.

but to actually sit in the words and point he is making is in fact rather brilliant and free-ing. i am one who gets so worn down from tunnel vision and exactness in my life that when i have a hiccup in my plan i completely short circuit. so its rather liberating the concept in which he speaks.

“drop the confusion- enjoy the confusion-“. detach a little. let it go. let some of the chaos filter in.

bruce lee actually sums it up best by saying, “be like water. be fluid.”

let it shape around you and dont fight so much. and in that natural friction the miracles will appear. “we need a creative chaos in the heart to give birth to dancing stars.”

it is true. the universe has a way of dancing in our so-called chaos. beautiful magic happens if we dont impede her steps.

all of this makes me feel peace today. or maybe it’s just a naive way for me to simply feel better, but i’m buying it. i’ll take it, and try to use it in my life. detach from my problems and ideas????? ummm, ok. you dont have to ask me twice. the habit of it may be difficult to part with but if dancing stars are involved it is worth a fucking shot.

my love to u for the weekend-