its friday, people…

so i woke up a little early today to “read” the news on my computer. Jesus, there’s some big shit poppin’, and its not all good. what the hell? Sunday school teacher murders a child (her own i believe), a mother attempting to kill her toddler, then stabbing herself to kill her unborn, the dow, S&P, blah blah blah….its enough for all of us to run down to the nearest doc and request really nice drugs! (do you see the pink elephants melting down the wall)…


BUT, there’s always a big butt…

it’s friday.


so if i can reverse any negative bull shit we’ve heard or witnessed or read about, im gonna try.

here goes-


have a beautiful weekend. do something randomly kind for a stranger wanting nothing in return. if its hard for you to smile, do it in spite of yourself. if you are quick to anger, slow it down. and breathe.

we are blessed.



fah fah fah riday…..

ok, this is a big one….

im getting broken off by my author whom i read every morning. hes writing on how we control or try to control our lives. and how it simply is just coming from the mind.

he says that when we try to be too controlled, life in all its splendor will just pass us by because we are trying to have life conform to a certain mold. life refuses-so it passes “controlled” people by.

this is a hard one for me. i was reared to control everything. if i were acting up at a restaurant, my dad just needed to look at me a certain way-and i knew i needed to pull my shit together. i was also taught that 1+2=3…with everything. if i do this, then this will happen. if i act this way, i’ll get this…controlling every nuance of my life has been my mantra. but somewhere along the way i’ve neglected life to a degree.

frankly, i’ve been so controlled. i’ve kept my shit together when people have wronged me. i have been uber-stategic in certain areas of my life. i’ve calculated, and i’m tired of it. i want to relax a little and let life do it’s thing. it will ultimately take care of me so i can let go a little.

its perfect timing because its friday…i can let go a lot.

have a good one-



happy friday :)

yah, yah, yah it’s friday the 13th. i’m more into the fact it’s just friday.

this morning i was reading about what brings us closer to bliss. and if where we are right this moment is still bringing us closer to that bliss. if so, we are still on the right path. if not so much, we need to get back on track. i think i am slightly off track.

the only thing i can think that it would be, however, is that i’m just bored. my mom said i got bored very easily as a kid. i would try something, do it, then be done with it. and i’ve carried that on to a degree.

i am truly on my overall path to bliss, i feel like? i have a beautiful life with amazing friends. i love what i do. im a happy person, and i love my family. but i do from time to time go brain dead from boredom. and that’s where i’m at right this moment. brain dead.

so, that’s me right now. thought i would share.

so, where are you right now on your “bliss track”? are you truckin’ right along…or…? if all is good-rad. if not, reassess.

but in the meantime, happy friday (the 13th).



good morning!!!

here we are at friday again.

i am thankful for that, and many other things.

i really dont have too much to say other than i am stoked it’s raining outside. i’m chugging down my instant coffee trash that i love, and all is well with my world. things are problematic, there’s hunger, there’s incurable disease-we’ve already touched on the economy….but in this moment all is ok in my little world.

i get refreshed when i smell the rain wash through the los angeles soot and grime. there are a plethora of rhythms and sounds to mesmerize…every time it rains i give myself an allowance to take a beat and wash my head clean of all the negative, trifle shit that this world brings to us on a daily.

that’s what i’m doing right now in this moment. clearing out. and i wanted to share with you.

and, peace.