monday, daylight savings monday…

im so glad to be here writing again. i took a week off. this is completely cathartic for me even when i have absolutely nothing to say. it is somewhat meditational, its quieting. yet also thoughts flow in and put a certain energy around my day.

so i went out here in LA on saturday night. i had a great time-was with friends,drank jonnie ¬†walker king george V out of a flask, and ate a home made chocolate chip cookie at the end of the night…perfection.

until, daylight savings reared its ugly head. holy shit! all of the sudden i woke up on sunday and it was 11 am…i havent slept until 11 in i cant tell you how long. and that speed set the motion for the whole day. sunday was gone. but here we are. the good thing is we get more sun…which can never be a bad thing.

no segue here at all…

in my daily meditational crap i read the author says this: “a chaos at ease,thats how a person should be…when you carry a revolution within you, every moment brings a new world, a new life.”

he’s talking about how when everything is known or fixed the freedom is lost in that. when there is complete security there is bondage.

i feel like im going crazy because my life is so fixed, known, routine. i need to spice it up a little, take risks, breathe new air, and he said it, i have permission to be my own revolution.

thank god…revolt people, revolt…



tuesday in march…

i was cruisin’ the streets of LA the other day talking to my mom on the phone (hands free of course) and i was wishing her a happy 60th birthday. we were talking about her life…deep shit for a car/phone conversation-when, i witness a mugging…not the actual act of it, but all the running after. i saw one guy haulin’ and i see a woman screaming and running, then another man catching up to catch the perp.

for a split second i thought…”if i turn, i can cut the guy off and the other guy can catch him and beat his ass and get the lady’s purse back…”

then i thought….”how about i dont get into a violent altercation on my dear mother’s 60th birthday!”