just ok…

so i was reading today…and the author was talking about how pitiful it is to just exist in a state of “ok”. he says that if anything, be as miserable as possible or simply happy, but not just ok.

its dangerous to function that way, and i agree. this is important to me because ive been in this numb “ok” state for some time now. i have everything in the world to be “overwhelmingly joyous” about, but i still find myself ┬áin the world of “just ok”. in this place i can see from the outside in that i am on auto pilot/zombie-like…in spiritual meatphysical speak:not aware.

there are moments at all seconds of the day where opportunities are presented to us, and if we are unaware we will completely overlook and dismiss those gifts. that is the danger in just ok or just whatever. so…my task now is to wake the fuck up and be ANYTHING but just ok.

challenge yourself if you find yourself here as well…OK?


so, it’s that time again.

i have to say im rather thrilled it’s monday. im actually looking forward to being productive this week. sometimes i do love mondays?! i dunno, don’t ask why, i dont know.

i hope you all had a stellar weekend. i hope most of you are avoiding the “bug” thats so violently going around.

thats all i have today…

be well today

smile today

show a ransom act of kindness today

look like a moron and hug yourself in public today….i dare you.


monday not so fun day….

so, this was a pretty good weekend. i started celebrating early and it seemed to go on for longer than usual which is always nice.

and now here we are back at monday. the grind. appointments to keep. coffee dates to plan.

but as i start to get ahead of myself with what my agendas look like for the week-i gotta just take a breather and know that it will be a great week. so, i say to you, “have a great week”. do something everyday to make yourself laugh. watch someone smart and learn something. watch someone stupid…and learn something.

see you in the am….