this very bizarre thing…

im reading a book and a topic is power.  something ive been thinking a lot about lately.

this author says that there should be no fear if power is grown alongside vulnerability. he states that the creator of yoga, Patanjali says to tread lightly around the area of power so that it will not be abused (Patanjali was fearful of the trouble power could cause if used wrongly). the author  also states that the fixable solution to that is to also be developing vulnurability. 

i find this very interesting as of late. we find ourselves in times of our lives feeling invincible, other times invisible. sometimes we are magnetic and alluring, other times mousy and quietly assessing. 

so for me, this is a quite graceful balance to attain- to continue developing my ability to remain vunerable, and allowing my power to be an unbridled force. 

i know this is a weird one today. the women im sure can get what im saying. even the men too, even though they dont want to admit that they too think of their power. 🙂


it seems to always come back to balance.







i’ve been reading a lot about power, positivity, and just existence. yes, all that in between my obsession with jenna jameson and films that are just ridic.

but what unnerves me is that the teacher that i read says that we cant get to the highest rung of the “positivity ladder” without visiting the lowest. we cant peak in our positivity the way the universe fully intends unless we muster the courage to visit the deep. and that totally bums me out.

i’ve been operating half-ass to save myself any drama filled emotion. i’ve tried my damndest to just be copacetic with all around me. and that seems to be the lame way to go, as well.  just existing in mediocrity to keep from visiting the low is not actually beneficial.or as my guru says, “living an existence in hell”. damn, and i was just trying to save myself the headache.

back to the drawing board.