well, hello….

i have been out of pocket for a hot minute. i was so excited to wake up and talk to you. a lot about nothing, per usual, but ready to talk. lets see…what has happened in the time ive been away from my letter keys with you?


-big happs- my weirdo public view bathroom user neighbor put up a curtain! that was a small victory for me.

-i had a gyno appt. that’s alwayyyys fun.

-and i have pretty much been living under a rock.

-but in saying that, i have been productive in the midst of…


and as always, it is so therapeutic for me to write out loud my thoughts and little things. even when there is absolutely nothing ground breaking, it helps me get alllllll the crap out.

now, i have to work. did i mention i want a vacation? in this tax frenzied effed up economy…i want a vacay.



happy humps.



so, it’s that time again.

i have to say im rather thrilled it’s monday. im actually looking forward to being productive this week. sometimes i do love mondays?! i dunno, don’t ask why, i dont know.

i hope you all had a stellar weekend. i hope most of you are avoiding the “bug” thats so violently going around.

thats all i have today…

be well today

smile today

show a ransom act of kindness today

look like a moron and hug yourself in public today….i dare you.