its friday, people…

so i woke up a little early today to “read” the news on my computer. Jesus, there’s some big shit poppin’, and its not all good. what the hell? Sunday school teacher murders a child (her own i believe), a mother attempting to kill her toddler, then stabbing herself to kill her unborn, the dow, S&P, blah blah blah….its enough for all of us to run down to the nearest doc and request really nice drugs! (do you see the pink elephants melting down the wall)…


BUT, there’s always a big butt…

it’s friday.


so if i can reverse any negative bull shit we’ve heard or witnessed or read about, im gonna try.

here goes-


have a beautiful weekend. do something randomly kind for a stranger wanting nothing in return. if its hard for you to smile, do it in spite of yourself. if you are quick to anger, slow it down. and breathe.

we are blessed.



so, it’s that time again.

i have to say im rather thrilled it’s monday. im actually looking forward to being productive this week. sometimes i do love mondays?! i dunno, don’t ask why, i dont know.

i hope you all had a stellar weekend. i hope most of you are avoiding the “bug” thats so violently going around.

thats all i have today…

be well today

smile today

show a ransom act of kindness today

look like a moron and hug yourself in public today….i dare you.