late thursday morning sippin’ a cup of joe…

well, i thought i would wake up and wanna talk deep thoughts, but i’m not in the mood.

i am still just waking up (i got to sleep in late) and im now just a walking zombie with really bad morning breath.  i have on monkey slippers and a blue fuzzy clouded robe (a vision of pure sexy). but no voices, no real cognitive thought process, its that space before the thoughts of the day and my world open up and hit me with the vengeance of its broken flood gate. so, im kind of just enjoying the calm before the storm.

what is thursday going to look like for me? will i be productive? will i feel accomplished? why do we get more eye boogers on some days more than others? i need to get gas, im running on empty. i need to do cardio. i gotta pay bills. i should write a song.

so here i am. the flood gate is slowly opening. shit. so much for the little “Space”. for all of you who are ahead of me with your thoughts already rushing in-we have reached thursday. but this is your day. this is my day. and at least today im going to carve it out the exact way i want it to look and feel-because i can.

you can.