6 thoughts on “THE HAPPS

  1. I read your blogs….you are just too-o-o much….so intelligent, insightful, and funny. I think you are wonderful, my favorite person in the whole world. XOXOXOX!

  2. Heey,
    I just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me as i have a scoliosis and i might need surgery for it, i read your bio and read what you went threw and how you pulled threw it and it just inspired to me to keep going and push threw the pain. I am a huge sports lover especially track and field and volleyball and i also love to work out. I am 17 and i was worried that if i get the sugery i wont be able to get back to my regular active routine. Thanks to you i know i can make it happen.

  3. hey Tammy-
    hey Tammy-

    i am privileged to read that i can be an inspiration! i have to say, i was really upset to find out that my last resort was surgery. i was 12 and like the age you’re at as well, it’s uuuugh, so not convenient. at these ages its difficult enough to be comfortable in our own healthy, fully functioning skin…much less to take on a foot and a half long scar and the crap that comes with that.

    but let me say this, i have to be honest with you, i have had this scar for more than half my life and it is a part of me. i wouldn’t know myself without it. and i know you’ve heard people say stuff like this before, “i’m soooo much stronger now that i’ve gone thru….x,y,z” and its really hard to believe b/c the best option is to obviously NOT have to endure such change. but i have grown to love my scars and knicks. because they’re mine.

    and as far as the activity is concerned, don’t worry. “mind over matter” meaning: whatever headspace you CHOOSE will be your reality. if you want to push through and get strong quickly and get back to what you love, you will. if you want to get pissed off or feel bad about your circumstance, it will keep you right there. you have the power, and after you fight through you will be the stronger for it. there’s a quote that i love by Henry Rollins,”Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”

    realize your strength.

    and i am grateful i could be here for you. please keep in touch with me, and if you need any questions answered or you just need to vent… dont hesitate to keep in touch….

    best to you.


  4. Thanks for the great advice, you should be an inspirational speaker 😛 i will for sure keep in touch, i have you on fb and myspace anyways.
    Thanks again 🙂

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