tues…he’s still just not that into you….

ok-so i went with a friend last night to go see “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU”. i would like to say that i didn’t go just because i’m a chick and that’s what chicks do-they go see stupid chick flicks (for the most part i’m annoyed by chick flicks). but i remember friends reading the book years ago when it game out disagreeing with it. i had friends explain the bulk of it, and then they would argue it. i, on the other hand found great truth in it. so, needless to say, i wanted to see the movie, and i love DREW.

So, my synopsis is that Ginnifer Goodwin annoyed the shit out of me, literally to where she did such a good job-she may just annoy me in anything else she will do. (so, she did a fab job).

i saw myself in scarlett johansson, jen aniston, and jennifer connelly’s characters. i’m like a morphof the 3 (it depends on my mood swing for the day, haha).

but i gotta say, that i firmly believe that if someone is interested they will hunt you down. “where there’s a will, there’s a way”-is the truth. it is absolutely that simple. no grey. nope, none. which leads me to my next point.

the entire movie completely registered with me-except for the end. i dont agree with the end. i dont believe that justin long’s character would have a great epiphany all of the sudden over ginnifer goodwin’s character that he HAD to be with her. being into someone doesn’t creep up and smack you in the face. you either know or you dont know, right?! hmmm, that’s just my opinion.


they need to make a flick about chicks who go around town shopping, going out to bars, picking up laundry, going for a hike, constantly encountering people …and in 3 seconds they decide in their head if they wanna fuck you or not. it literally just takes 3 seconds. that’s it. no black or white, no grey. 3 seconds. and call it “SHE DECIDES”.

gotta give my shout out to the flick for honoring one of my all time faves…”SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL”. props.